5 ways to set up an ideal learning space at home

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Support your child in a productive home-based learning experience by creating an ideal learning space in the comfort of your home. A child’s environment is essential in expanding and challenging their learning. The placement of furniture and materials plays an important role in nurturing their ability to focus and stay motivated.

We encourage parents to place great emphasis on...

Do-It-Yourself Creative Mother’s Day Gifts

Running out of gift ideas this Mother’s Day? Fret not! We share some creative ways for Dads and children to create a DIY Mother’s Day masterpiece for all the supermums out there with simple materials that can be found at home.

3 Fun Ways To Learn Chinese on The Go


An interview with Edward Wyn Jones - the importance of home–school partnerships

Home–school partnerships plays an important role as a bridge between parents and teachers. It essentially helps teachers develop strong relationships with students and increases their academic development. Principal of EtonHouse Broadrick, Edward Jones share about the parent community of EtonHouse’s rich diversity and how parents can get involved in their children's schools to stay in the know.

Choosing a Pre-School - Top 2 Considerations

As a parent, choosing a pre-school is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your child.

Your decision-making process will probably be wrought with stress, worry, and confusion. It is likely to involve intensive research and lots of fact-finding.

Where should you begin? Perhaps, take a step back and start with the "Why?". Start with these questions to reflect deeply on your...

A chat with Alison Ford: Life in Singapore as an International Educator

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We have a chat with Alison Ford, Inclusive Education Teacher at EtonHouse International School Orchard, as she shares with us some recommendations as an international educator in Singapore and why students should pursue their education here. You will also find information on where to visit for food-hunts and leisure here. 

How to Nurture A Self-Motivated Child

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attraction.” - Albert Einstein

As parents, one of our most important goals is to nurture a self-motivated child. This is because self-motivation plays an important role in building children's self-esteem and increasing their learning abilities.

How can we play a part in guiding them towards being a self-motivated individual?

Vintage Tools: are they still important to our children?


Meet & Greet: Edward Wyn Jones, Principal of EtonHouse International School Broadrick, Singapore


A Guide To Chinese New Year In Singapore

Lunar New Year in Singapore is a grand festivity. It marks the beginning of the new traditional Chinese calendar and is one of, if not the most major event here. The entire city is decorated with a hue of bright red alongside festive lights and decorations to usher in the year of the rat. Celebrations commence 25th January onward and last for 15 days.  Be sure to be graced with festive tunes,...

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