Crisis Management- Handling the COVID19 Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic has impacted lives. Especially schools that are the epicenter of communities and an intrinsic part of the lives of parents, teachers, and students. Teachers had to overnight develop skills in creating online content and use virtual communications as the de facto mode of interactions. Schools had to shut down and learning had to take place virtually. It was a dynamic shift...

What is respectful parenting?

Our interactions with children lay the foundation upon which their lives and life experiences are built. Parenting styles are in fact very often a reflection of our interactions with adults when we were children and much has been said about different parenting styles. What  is ‘respectful parenting’? Is it a parenting style, is it a philosophy or is it a way of being? What does it translate...

Home-Based Learning - A Mum's Journey

This year, we ventured into an unexpected and very memorable learning journey as we moved from physical classrooms to virtual spaces in a short span of time. Home-Based Learning (HBL) presented many challenges, but also opportunities for shared growth and development. We speak to Ms Michelle Yong, a full-time working mum with two pre-schoolers at EtonHouse Mountbatten 717, about her...

Bilingual Education: How does it work?

The Chinese language is increasingly being recognised as a life skill and an essential communication tool. Many parents now want their children to be effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin. We all know the benefits of being bilingual, but getting started and sustaining the interest level in a second language, particularly Mandarin, can be daunting. How do we raise children who are...

EtonHouse Father's Day Special

Fathers are special! They take on an incredibly important role in the upbringing of children and have a lasting impact on their families. This Father's Day, we speak to EtonHouse dads who share their beautiful and inspiring stories with us and find out what it's like being in their shoes. 

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