Debunking Myths of Home-Based Learning

Denise Teo, Pedagogist, EtonHouse International & family.

HBL is perhaps the most popular and well-known acronym today! Unheard of a few months ago, today it is a reality for most of us- children, teachers, and parents alike. We’ve seen social media and WhatsApp groups explode with conversations on this topic. While we as a community continue to climb this very steep learning curve of HBL, we...

Home Based Learning And How Do We Overcome Challenges

4 online learning resources to help children learn at home


4 Simple Ways to Experiment With Science At Home

Children are hands-on learners. Science effectively builds on their knowledge and understanding of the world, allowing them to apply vital skills and critical thinking in life. Build your child’s interest in science and expand their creativity with these simple and fun experiments that you can try at home.

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