Is your child learning Chinese the right way?

Did you know that in the Chinese language, the word ‘er’ could mean ‘two’, ‘ear’ or ‘child’ depending on how it is pronounced and the context in which it is used?

The importance of learning Chinese in the local school system in Singapore may prompt parents to consider how best to support their children in learning the language from the early years. Parents today have more reasons for wanting...

Coping with learning Mandarin: 5 challenges Singapore parents face

“I thought that my days of learning Mandarin were far behind me, but then I became a mum and I found myself thrust back into a world of Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin,” shared Mdm Tan, mum of a Primary 2 daughter, candidly. “The only difference is that the stakes feel higher than before because it now involves my child, and which parent doesn't want their child to succeed?” added Mdm...

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