An interview with Edward Wyn Jones - the importance of home–school partnerships

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Home–school partnerships plays an important role as a bridge between parents and teachers. It essentially helps teachers develop strong relationships with students and increases their academic development. Principal of EtonHouse Broadrick, Edward Jones share about the parent community of EtonHouse’s rich diversity and how parents can get involved in their children's schools to stay in the know.

1. How does EtonHouse Broadrick ensure that parents are actively involved with the school?

EtonHouse International School Broadrick is an inclusive family-oriented school that holds a strong bond with its Parent School Association (PSA) group. The parents help to organise many events in school such as the Christmas Bazaar, End of Year Performances, as well as supporting the teachers whenever they need help. 

2. How does the school bring the community together?

With over 50 different nationalities among our family of teachers, students and parents, we truly are a small global community. Part of having such rich diversity also means we go to town on our cultural festivals and celebrations, working them into the lesson plans and hosting engaging activities that involve the whole school. Our parents actively jump in on the action, volunteering to share their unique traditions and heritage. Everyone gets into the spirit by decorating the school and attending such events in traditional costumes.  

3. How does the school provide a platform of communication for parents?

 EtonHouse International School Broadrick has an open door policy, where parents are welcome to walk into the school to engage with the teachers, as well as to find out about the progress of their child. The school organises regular meetings for parents to interact with the leadership team, as well as annual meetings with the teachers. Regular email communication goes out from the teachers to parents to keep them updated about news and events happening in school. The school also uses a Bloomz app that teachers use to share information about new pupils, homework, etc. 

4. Why do you think parent involvement in schools is important?

It is important for parents to be involved in schools as it allows the school to partner and work closely with the parents to monitor the child’s learning journey.  As the child spends plenty of time in school, it is important that parents are clear how they can continue to support the child to allow continuity of learning when they are at home. This is especially because when the child is in school, the teachers act very much like a parent to teach and guide them. 

5. How does it help when parents are kept connected to the school and the community?

When parents are involved in school, children feel more secure and supported. This in turn, creates a strong sense of belonging for the child towards the school. When the parents are informed about what is happening in school, they are then able to take an interest in their child's learning and support them. 

6. How does a strong community benefit parents?

Strong bonds between teachers and parents are formed and these bonds go beyond the school environment. Parents gain more insights and knowledge about the curriculum, pedagogy and the latest developments in education. 


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