Meet & Greet- Hear From Our Educator, Li Li Ying

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be65a70b-86a9-4156-b77e-7fca5d0b5e00 (2) (1)"EtonHouse Upper Bukit Timah Pre-School is a big, happy family where I feel a strong sense of respect, which I believe is a key factor in human interaction. It is a place where we are listened to, where the principal is willing to listen to us, and where we are willing to listen to the children and parents. I am here to learn and progress with my colleagues, children and parents." shares Li Li Ying, teacher of EtonHouse Upper Bukit Timah Pre-School.

(This article includes both English and Mandarin translations)

Tell us more about yourself

I graduated from Beijing International Institute of Business Administration (Beijing, China) in 2010 with a degree in preschool education and entered the preschool work field after graduation. In 2013 I came to Singapore and joined EtonHouse Upper Bukit Timah 215. I then received my Bachelor's degree in Pre-school Chinese Education from the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

I believe that every young child is an individual and they are very capable. Guiding children to identify challenges and find solutions to these problems is the philosophy of teachers in implementing educational activities. It is extremely important for teachers to recognise and respect the potential and uniqueness of each child and to understand the unique traits of each child. I also make it a goal to teach children to share, take turns, and have a cooperative attitude in their daily educational work. I want all young children to have a rewarding preschool time. 


大家好,我叫李丽颖。毕业于新加坡新跃社科大学(SUSS)学前华文教育专业。我从2010年开始从事幼教工作,2016年加入了伊(EtonHouse International, 215校区工作、学习至今。

What inspired you to become an educator?

I love working with children. Their innocence, curiosity and infinite expandable abilities never fail to amaze me. I am also drawn into preschool subjects as they are composed of many professional theories (psychology, pedagogy, etc.) and rich skills (art appreciation, music theory). The learning environment where we are exposed to children's ideas, physical and mental development, and changes in various aspects can be said to be changing day by day, and they bring me surprises every day.



How has HBL changed your dynamic?  What resources have you used during this time?

The sudden shift to HBL in 2020 changed my daily routine, but it was the most direct and effective way to prevent young children from doing nothing at home while ensuring everyone's safety. Moreover, HBL broke the limitations of traditional teaching in terms of time and place of work.

During HBL, I used electronic picture books for story appreciation activities with the children and music rhythm activities with the children using websites such as Youtube. I recommend parents use the Himalaya Kids App at home for Chinese language learning with their children.




Has HBL given you a different perspective on education?

HBL for young children requires adult accompaniment, which not only provides the opportunity for parent-child learning together but also increases the opportunity for teacher-parent interaction. After the online class is over, parents and children can go over the content and review. Moreover, network technology is constantly developing, and future online teaching resources will be more abundant and diverse for learners with a wide range of interests.



What are some ways that educators and students can stay motivated during this period? Can you share some of your experiences?

HBL lacks the context of traditional learning and reduces the atmosphere of mutual learning between teachers and students. Secondly, the environment at home inevitably affects concentration. Therefore, I encourage parents to open multiple video frames during music rhythm activities so that children can see their friends and enhance their participation.

I include electronic sound effects during picture book appreciation sessions to attract children's attention, and increase opportunities for interaction during group activities to give children time to express their opinions and guide them to participate in discussions by asking questions.



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