How Can We Nurture Bilingual Children

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How can we nurture bilingual children? In this video with Straits Times, Renee Sim, Senior Curriculum Manager at EtonHouse shares valuable tips on how to embrace the Mother Tongue language with your children. Encouraging them to develop a genuine interest in the language as well as a deep appreciation of the language and culture stems from you, as parents. We find out more. 

'If your children love to read, but resist picking up books in their mother tongue language, you could very well be the reason. Children are observant and will look at what their parents are reading with them or during their own leisure time, says Ms Renee Sim, 31, senior curriculum manager at EtonHouse International Education Group and mother of a 22-month-old boy. If you are reading only English newspapers and books, it is time you included titles in your mother tongue'.- ST Smart Parenting.


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