Jackie Becher

Jackie Becher is the Executive Director of Pedagogy at EtonHouse International School and Pre-School, Shanghai. With 25 years of educational experience and over 15 years as an educational leader, Jackie has influenced educational directions for schools and systems throughout Australia and Asia. She is a passionate and committed leader who is driven to work closely with children, staff, families and the community and recently co-constructed children's futures in China, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Japan. A leader in educational leadership, Jackie has had experience with inquiry curriculums, including the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.

Recent Posts

Books To Read To Your Child During The Virus Outbreak

During this time of the coronavirus, it is important to educate your child on what is happening and how they should feel about it. Here are 3 books on health and emotions that will serve as a helpful guide during this period.

Why You Shouldn't Say 'Be Careful'

Young children run, they climb, and often times they fall. Sometimes, what they are doing even looks dangerous and its tempting to yell out “be careful!” But doing so is actually counterproductive to the growth and development of children and we should really not tell that to young children.

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