Agnes Lee

Agnes graduated from the University of Southern Queensland in 2006, with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology). She has been working with children, teenagers, and doing family counselling in various settings, particularly in the health and education industry. An advocate for students with special needs, she firmly believes in inclusion and everyone can learn despite their challenges and struggles. A firm believer of sports, Agnes works out frequently to establish balance in life. She is the School Counsellor of EtonHouse International School at Orchard, Singapore.

Recent Posts

Understanding Your Teenager

Your teenage son or daughter takes hours in front of the mirror, their hairdo and choice of clothes is always a bone of contention, they are constantly misplacing things and are forever stuck to their mobile devices. It is virtually impossible to get them to read a book or have a conversation with them that does not involve them rolling their eyes or ending in them walking out and locking...

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