5 reasons why you should join a playgroup programme

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As babies and toddlers begin to explore new environments within their community, they start to deepen their understanding of the world around them. A parent-accompanied playgroup session can offer an array of opportunities for both children and parents to build relationships and strengthen their bond with each other as they engage in play experiences together.

EtonHouse Blog - Playgroup offers a wonderful environment for parents to meet and socialise.

Why should you enrol your child in a playgroup programme?

1. It builds supportive social connections.

Parent-accompanied playgroup sessions offer a wonderful environment for parents and carers to meet and socialise. Parents often develop close relationships within these settings as they are able to talk to each other and offer support, reassurance and exchange ideas about their ongoing journey with their children.

2. It gives your child opportunities to engage in varied play experiences.

Playgroup sessions are set up to offer a variety of play experiences which supports young children’s developing interest in the world around them. The rich resources and sensory activities spark interest in babies and toddlers by appealing to their natural sense of curiosity and allowing them to explore further. The range of experiences offered can also support parents by offering them new ideas for play with their children at home.

EtonHouse Blog - Playgroup allows children's growth and development to be recognised, encouraged and celebrated.

3. It helps your child develop new skills. 

As young children become familiar with the playgroup environment, they are able to pursue their personal play interests with growing enthusiasm and concentration. This kind of intrinsically motivated play allows children to develop new skills including problem-solving, perseverance and motor development as they test new objects and materials and explore the world around them through their senses. Investigating these play experiences with a caregiver helps children try new things in a safe and supportive environment where their growth and development is recognised, encouraged and celebrated.

4. It strengthens the bond between you and your child.

Playgroup sessions are organised in a way that encourages positive family play experiences by allowing quality time for families to focus on play in a rich environment. Playgroups which offer novel materials and varied experiences provide opportunities for parents and children to engage in exploration together. This allows parents to observe and interact with their children in a positive manner, demonstrating to the child that their interests, time and engagement are valued by their caregiver.

5. It develops self-confidence and social skills in your child. 

As children begin to attend playgroup more regularly, they develop a growing sense of self-confidence through engaging in play independently, with their caregivers and alongside other children. This allows them to begin to build connections with others in the environment as they engage in communication with those around them. Babies and toddlers are naturally tuned to building relationships and they can communicate using various means such as eye contact, facial expressions and body language.

Playgroup greatly support young children in building their communication skills as these sessions offer regular opportunities to interact with others and they begin to learn skills such as sharing and turn-taking.

EtonHouse Blog - Families which attend playgroup sessions will begin to observe a range of benefits

Families which attend playgroup sessions will begin to observe a range of benefits as they explore the world with their child and develop their social network in the process. It is wonderful to see children, parents, caregivers and educators coming together to engage in exploration, fun and play!

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